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LeBron James

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LeBron James Merchandise & Jerseys 

LeBron James is no regular NBA star, he’s a genius when it comes to basketball and we have everything that his fans can possibly ever want! From LeBron James Jerseys, LeBron James basketball clothing, signature t-shirts that you can wear with pride to the photographs that you can put up in the star athlete’s honor in your room. Our sporting goods super store offers a wide line of LeBron James inventory that includes authentic, replica LeBron James jerseys, LeBron James pendants, framed and unframed photographs and so much more!  

Our LeBron James basketball clothing line includes both replicas and authentic Adidas jerseys and t-shirts. We stock more than LeBron James jerseys and our selection offers various kinds of merchandise and collectibles to please any LeBron James fan. 

The story of King James reads amazing!

King James, as LeBron is lovingly called, has literally led a Cinderella life. However, there was no fairy godmother in LeBron’s story but only his pure talent and brilliance on the basketball court. 

Put a high-schooler like LeBron in professional basketball and he is going to create history! That’s what he did and rightfully earned himself the title of King James, let’s see how:

  • He was the youngest player to score 1000 points in NBA history
  • LeBron has been named MVP (Most Valuable Player) twice in 2008-09  and 2009-10 seasons
  • He was the youngest player and the first Cavalier to be named NBA Rookie of the Year 

LeBron’s legacy is only going to get stronger and better, so why not celebrate his success story with LeBron James merchandise and clothing.