Full-Size Bikes That Fold

All Montague folding bikes are designed to ride as well as, if not better than, comparable non-folding bikes. They feature great ride quality, handling, and comfort.

Plus, each Montague folding bicycle goes from full size to completely folded in under 20 seconds. Simply pop the front wheel off and open the frame quick release to fold the bike. No tools, no complicated instructions. It’s really easy and quick!

Watch How Easy It Is!

Pretty incredible, isn’t it?

All Montague folding bikes combine performance and portability. No matter where you ride—streets, mountains, trails, or bike paths—we have a folding bike that meets your needs.

Whether you’re hopping into a car, onto a bus, into an office, or just need a bike you can store in the smallest apartment, our folding bikes provide a convenient and practical solution. Also available is a handy Montague Soft Bike carrying case.

Check our large selection of Montague folding bikes, all at low prices and ready for immediate shipping. Better yet, they all ship free!

Crosstown Pavement
Folding Bike 19″


Paratrooper Military Folding Mountain Bike 20″
$899 $799

Swiss Folding
Mountain Bike 20″

$1,199 $1,099 

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Customer Spotlight

I LOVE this bike!!!
Review by Suzie, August 2011

I wanted a fold-up bike, something I could keep in my Jeep Patriot for spontaneous bike rides, whether after work, while camping, or just to find a trial and ride for exercise/fun. THIS is THE bike!!! I leave my bike in my Jeep, and it’s always ready to go. I love trail riding, so I take off for a trail, arrive and park at the trail head, get the bike out and am on my way!I also live right near Letchworth State Park, known as the Grand Canyon of the East….lots of trails, and many well suited to some serious mountain biking! I’ve gone over big roots (unexpectedly, most times), have landed safely, and thankfully the only thing that has flown off the bike has been my water bottle (due to the water bottle cage design, not due to the bike)!

The bike continues to hold up fantastic…riding through fields full of alfalfa, muddy roads/trails, and the extreme heat (got up to 104) we’ve had this Summer in NYS when I’ve left it in my Jeep….although the tires deflated some sitting in a closed up VERY hot sitting-in-the-sun-for-days vehicle, but that was a given…any tire would do that. A quick pump of air with the hand pump, and i was ready to go again!

I’ve had this bike since the beginning of April, and I’ve folded and unfolded it hundreds of times. I’ve worried that doing so would wear on the cables, but so far, everything looks just as it did the day I bought it! I’m not sorry I purchased this one instead of the paratrooper…I really don’t need more gears, and 18 gears has served me well, even going on the road up some long hills. It seems to handle everything I’ve thrown at it with tremendous ease! This bike is also light, easy to carry, even for a smaller woman like me, easy to get in and out of my vehicle…just plain the best bike I’ve ever owned!!!

Anyone who sees it, whether stranger, family, or friend, is jealous, and I must say, I’m VERY proud to own such a great bike. Thanks Online Sports for my bike!!

USA at the Olympics

We all love to cheer for our country in the Olympics – Hoping that our favorite athletes bring back that coveted Gold medal for the nation. But there are 26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines that are being played at the Summer Olympics. And how many of them do we know about ? Let us get more familiar with those sports where USA excels and yet are not so well known!

Water Polo: It is a very fun game to watch and the US Water Polo players are ranked amongst the top ones. They won the Silver medal at the 2008 Olympics and are top contenders for the Gold at London.

Equestrian jumping: An Olympic sport since the 1900 Summer Olympics, it is a very interesting sport to watch. And the only current sport in the Olympics that still has animals involved, though these days the horses are considered almost athletes as well! The US team has always performed beyond expectations and the show jumping team will be looking for their third straight Olympic Gold.

Archery: Archery is one of the most underrated sports in the country. But USA has an extremely able player in Brady Ellison, who is currently ranked as the number one archer in the world. Though he did not win anything at the Beijing Olympics, he is the current favorite for a Gold.

We all have our favorite sports and players, but out of the 26 sports, there are many in which Team USA is the top or one of the top contenders! Let’s get our cheer on for them!

Time for Yoga is Now!

We all have heard about work pressure, strained living conditions and of course the quintessentially stressful society. If there ever were a need for yoga, it is now! Yoga, if religiously practiced can combat diseases such as obesity, hypertension, high blood pressure and even cardiac problems.

For a healthy life, you need to relax your mind and soul. The simplest way to do is by taking out time for relaxation from your busy routines and do some yoga asanas.  Regular practice of yoga and change in your dietary habits can help you in getting insurance against these lifestyle diseases and leading a healthy tomorrow.

Yoga has been practiced for more than 5,000 years, and presently more than 11 million people in US enjoy the health benefits of this regime.

Some key benefits of yoga

Physical and Mental Therapy

Yoga slows down the aging process, makes the body flexible, reduces the toxins in the body as well as limits the catabolic process of cell deterioration. You can achieve maximum benefits from yoga by combining yogasanas, pranayama and meditation.

Builds in Strength

Practice of yoga styles like power yoga and Ashtanga helps you to tone your muscles. The less vigorous styles like Iyengar or Hatha can also strengthen muscles.

Benefits Breathing

Yoga involves mindful breathing which improves the lung capacity. Most of the forms of yoga stresses on deepening and lengthening your breath which stimulates the relaxation response.

Benefits the heart

Several styles of yoga help in reducing the stress and calm the mind. Yoga lowers the blood pressure and slows down the heart rate. A slower heart rate is especially good for today’s generation who are always living on the edge.

Other Benefits of Yoga

Yoga helps in increasing concentration, reviving the mood and have a positive effect on learning and memory. Some people also believe that yoga helps in improving marriages and relationships at work.

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Olympia Sports and All Things Sports They Offer!

Olympia Sports Equipment

If it’s sports you like, you’re definitely acquainted with Olympia Sports. The brand not only has a terrific line of sporting goods but also comes with a reputation that the brand effortlessly upholds with every product it passes out from the assembly line. Olympia Sports is essentially a family oriented retail sporting goods company having a broad assortment of high quality sports equipment, apparel, athletic footwear and accessories.

The popular brand was founded in 1975 has now grown to over 200 stores throughout the world. OnlineSports.com has a huge assortment of sporting goods by the brand. Our collection includes table tennis paddles, training aids, target and discs, vests, bags, jumping ropes, balls, arrows, cones, dry line markers and lots more. Olympia Sports offers a wide line of sporting goods for various games that are highly recommended by coaches.

When you are playing professionally you focus on your game using the best quality training gear and sports goods. With brands like Olympia Sports you don’t have to worry about a zilch about the quality or durability of the equipment.

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Tour de France has Its First Ever British Winner

Bradley Wiggins has won not just the Tour de France title but a lot of respect as he is the first British to break the jinx for the country. The cycling‘s greatest race saw Wiggins as its first British cyclist to enjoy a glorious victory! Bradley Wiggins idolized Greg LeMond when 23 years back LeMond became the first American to win Tour de France and today he is living a moment of his own.

Wiggins won the final time trial a day before and won for himself a yellow jersey. He like a true gentleman added a touch of class to his performance by providing a leadout to Sky teammate, Mark Cavendish who claimed his third tour stage victory. It is Cavendish’s 23rd victory of his career. He is also a major contender to win the road race gold at the Olympics in London.

Stage Results

  • Mark Cavendish, Sky
  • Peter Saga, Liquigas, s.t.
  • Matt Goss, Orica GreenEdge, s.t.
  • JJ Haedo, Saxo-Tinkoff, s.t.
  • Kris Boeckmans, Vacansoleil, s.t.

Final General Classification

  • Bradley Wiggins, Sky
  • Chris Froome, Sky, at 3.21
  • Vincenzo Nibali, Liquigas, at 6.19
  • Jurgen Van Den Broeck, Lotto, at 10.15
  • Tejay Van Garderen, BMC, at 11.04
  • Haimar Zubeldia, RNT, at 15.43
  • Cadel Evans, BMC, at 15.51
  • Pierre Rolland, Europcar, at 16.31
  • Janez Brajkovic, Astana, at 16.38
  • Thibaut Pinot, FDJ, at 17.17

In all, it has been a great season for the British cyclists who has outshone in terms of performance this season at the Tour de France. Kudos to the team!

Teri McKeever – The First Female Coach of U.S. Swimming

Teri McKeever, the coach of three NCAA-title-winning teams at California-Berkeley, is the first woman to be named head coach of the U.S. Olympic team. Teri McKeever has led Cal to three  N.C.A.A. titles in the past four years. She has trained 11-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin for more than a decade. McKeever also gained her reputation by helping the 2004 Olympian Dana Vollmer in recovering her lost confidence after a tragic 2008 trials in which she failed to make the team. With the coaching and motivational ability of McKeever, Vollmer was able to win the 100-meter butterfly and qualified for the 4×200 freestyle relay.

Teri McKeever has worked for 28 years as a college coach at USC and Cal in a position usually by men. In these years she has learned the tacts of swimming diplomatic channels. In 2009 she won an NCAA title and became the first female swim coach.  McKeever has proved herself as one of the most successful coaches, in college swimming including consecutive NCAA championships.

The team for Olympics was picked July 2, 26 days before Olympics was to begin in London, which gives only limited time for coaching. The major tasks for McKeever would be making a schedule for relays and ensuring everyone reaches at the site on time.

Swimming attracts a lot of spectators and is much hyped at the Olympics because there is so much excitement among people about swimming and its athletes. If you’re also love to be in water or watch breathtakingly amazing stroke of perfection in waters, then our swimming gear may interest you!

Interesting Volleyball Drills

Volleyball is a fun game but at times you may get bored with the same boring drills. To make your game full of excitement and enjoyment, you need to bring in some interesting volleyball drills in the game. Volleyball drills help the players to learn the mechanics of the game which include ball handling, foot work, rules of the game, timing and defensive play. Given below are some fun USA volleyball drills that you can include in your next training session.

The Toss and Pass Drill

This drill is for beginners and it uses two players. The Toss and Pass drill is used for improving the passing among players. In this drill player 1 tosses the ball to player 2 and then player 2 passes the ball back to the player 1.

For a single player to employ this drill, he or she can choose a wall. The player further chooses a spot on the wall and tries to hit it with the ball. This drill is called The Wall Hitting Drill.

The Mirror Blocking Drill

Blocking is required in every volleyball game. The Mirror Blocking Drill is used to enhance the blocking skills in players. In this drill, two players are placed on each side of the net making two blockers. The first player performs the blocking technique and the second player tries to mirror the movement, imitating the same technique. This drill helps the players in learning the proper blocking technique.

Bump Drill

In this drill, two players stand on the opposite sides of the net. As per the coach’s instructions, the first player bumps the ball to the other player standing on the opposite side of the net. After bumping the ball, the player takes a step back and waits for the other player to bump the ball back to the first player. After bumping, the other player also takes a step back. The players keep on doing this until the ball is missed.

Prisoner Drill

In this drill, the teams are divided into two and a standard game of volleyball is set. Every time a team earns a point, they get a player from the other team.

Spike Drill

To improve spiking skills, the team stands in a line on the sideline. The first player will go near the net with an intention to spike the ball. Then, the first player falls back from the net and again goes near the net forming a zig zag pattern until the player reaches the other sideline. Like this all the players approach the net until everyone gets on the other side of the sideline. This drill helps in improving the footwork required in spike shot.

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Tailgating – No game is complete without it!

Tailgating Supplies

Tailgating is one of the most loved American traditions of all times. It is an especially popular practice after football games. It is the perfect combination of fun, food and sports! Tailgate parties have been going on in school and stadium parking lots since the time football and its fan found each other. They usually happen before or after a game, sometimes both morning and evening! The trend has even spread to other games such as basketball, hockey, baseball amongst others! Some even tailgate at weddings and barbecues, such is the love for this tailgating.

Here are a few simple steps for the perfect tailgate party!

  • Food is the most important part of a tailgate party. Especially grilled food. All you need is a barbecue grill and grill-based foods. You can choose from burgers, hot dogs, chicken and whatever you can grill! And you are pretty much sorted!
  • Think of a few games that you can play, and create a whole occasion out of it! Invite fellow tailgaters. Have a party!
  • You can make it as fancy as you want. For example, you can set up a picnic table for easy seating. Set up shade screen to hide from the heat!
  • Last, but definitely not the least, Support your team colors at the after game tailgate party!

Tailgating is the perfect way to bring people together, and have fun! Onlinesports.com provides a wide range of tailgating supplies to choose from that will make your party a smashing success!

Let us know how your party went in the comments!

Interesting Facts about Badminton


Badminton Equipment

Badminton is the world’s fastest racket sport. This game is played with two opposing players or four opposing players.

Badminton somehow is close to both  tennis and volleyball as both games involve use of net. The popularity of Badminton spread USA in the 1930s and since then this game has been growing tremendously. There are some fun facts about this game that all Badminton lovers would like to know. And we bring some of them to you:

  • Badminton was originally known by the name Shuttlecock and Battledore. The game took its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, England home of the Duke of Beaufort.
  • Badminton’s Olympic debut was in 1992 in Barcelona.
  • It’s the world’s fastest racket sport. A shuttle can leave the racket and smash around the court at a speed of up to 300 km/hour.
  • The International Badminton Federation (IBF) was founded in 1934.
  • More than 150 members are part of the IBF.
  • Badminton was known to USA in the 1890s but did not gain enough popularity.
  • The USA Badminton association was established in 1996.
  • The shortest Badminton match in the world lasted for 6 minutes.
  • A shuttlecock weighs between 4.74 and 5.50 grams.
  • The best badminton shuttles are made from the feathers of a goose.
  • 16 feathers are used to make a shuttlecock.
  • The biggest shuttlecock in the world is located in the lawns of the Kansas city museum. The shuttlecock is 48 times larger than the real shuttlecock, 18 feet tall and weighs 2500 kilo.
  • The Thomas Cup has been won by only three countries- Malaysia, Indonesia and China, since its inception in 1848.

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NBC Will Stream Every Olympic Event Live for Fans. Are you Ready for Digital Olympics?

NBC has taken a progressive step that Olympic fans will love everywhere! They will be streaming all 32 sports live on NBCOlympics.com. Live events will also be telecast on NBC sports network, MSNBC, NBC and CNBC in the mornings and afternoons. But in live streaming online, the major events covered in primetime won’t be archived online until after the primetime broadcast. In the primetime NBC broadcast will be covering swimming, diving, beach volleyball, rack and field and gymnastics.

NBC has been trying to move to the digital world since 2008 but finally it made a shift to digital world in 2012. Starting with preliminary-round women’s soccer games on July 25, Olympics will get 3500 hours of live coverage by NBCOlympics.com. All 302 events from all 32 sports on the London program will be streamed online, on mobile devices and in a special “NBC Olympics Live Extra” app for smartphones and tablets.

To enjoy the live streaming of Olympics at home, you need to verify their subscription to a cable, satellite service or telco video tier that includes CNBC and MSNBC. There are several events which will also have multiple steaming options which include gymnastics, tennis and track and field. You can also watch full-event replays.

This is a great news for fans of Olympic games. Now, you can slip in your favorite player’s jersey, watch the live event at home with you friends, and cheer your favorite team!

Let’s see what other surprises does the 2012 London Olympics have in store for us!