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Montague Folding Bikes – Ride Along Anywhere and Everywhere!

That is what a Montague folding bike is capable of - taking you anywhere and everywhere. Whether you want to go biking with friends or kids or just by yourself on that beautiful sunny day, your folding bike can accompany you without any hassle. Travel with your bike in the bus, take it to your office, make space for it in your room or just put it in your car, there is so much that you can do with the Montague range of folding bikes that are great quality sports bikes

Montague bikes are designed to provide you with quality riding, handling, and comfort. Each Montague folding bicycle goes from full size to a completely folded one in under 20 seconds. Simply pop the front wheel off and open the frame in quick release to fold the bike. 

Our Montague bike stock includes popular models that are designed to facilitate faster riding on mountain surfaces, pavements or  other hard surfaces. 

More about Montague 

Montague, the folding bikes manufacturer, designs and produces folding bikes. The bikes from Montague are created both for civilians and military personnel. Montague bikes are super easy to fold - no tools or instructions required. The Montague Corporation was formed in 1987 by David Montague - he wanted to design the bikes that could be easily folded and carried along, and in so doing created the best and most admire line of folding bikes in the world.

A brief about Bikes.....

The human powered, pedal-driven vehicle having two wheels attached with a strong frame is what a bike really is. It is also popularly known as pushbike, pedal bike, pedal cycle and more. Used by people to commute and complete their daily chores, bikes are used by peoples of all ages. Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century! Since then, bikes have become a part of daily life and are especially popular with the kids. These are an important part of growing up. Biking is popular both as a professional and a recreational sport.