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Los Angeles Lakers

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Los Angeles Lakers Jerseys & Accessories

Love the Lakers more than anything else? Then you don’t need a reason to shop from this amazing line of Los Angeles Lakers basketball jerseys, accessories and memorabilia. For all those golden-eyed and purple-struck LA Lakers' fans, we bring both authentic and replica LA Lakers jerseys, apparel, slippers, watches, photographs and autographed memorabilia. Here you can find everything that your true Lakers’ heart desires – from autographed basketballs to cuff links, sterling silver jewelry to blanket throws, key chains to rugs, earrings, ring sets, mugs, cute collectibles and so much more, all featuring the Los Angeles Lakers theme! Consider this a Los Angeles Lakers Collection heaven and yourself the lucky one on a trip. 

Many of the Lakers’ replica jerseys and accessories are available on special discounts. If you think LA Lakers is best in the NBA, this section will become your favorite part of our sporting goods super store!

Did You Know...

The Los Angeles Lakers, according to the current issue of Forbes, is the highest valued NBA franchise worth $900 million! Don’t know about the purple but gold is surely shining bright for Los Angeles Lakers. 

The Lakers franchise came into being in 1947, when the disbanded Detroit Gems was purchased and started to play in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Also, the name Lakers comes from the team’s tribute to the state’s nickname – Land of 10,000 lakes. 

What do Gary Alcorn, Ron Boone, Adrian Branch, Kobe Bryant, Steve Bucknall, Butch Carter, Lloyd Daniels, Rob Horn, Shea Seals, Dick Schnittker have in common? All these Lakers wore Jersey #24! 

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