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Wear with Pride – Sports Jerseys! 

As sports enthusiasts nothing feels better than showing off that true-blue sports fanatic spirit by wearing your favorite team’s/ player’s jerseys! There’s something about sports jerseys that invokes so much pride when wearing them. So as your ‘go-to’ sporting goods store, we bring to you a collection of sports jerseys that is going to please the game-lover in you! Whether you admire Kobe Bryant, the Wildcats or Bull Dogs or simply love to watch the Yankees hit the ball out of the park, we have a jersey for your passion. 

Choose from a big inventory of basketball Jerseys, baseball jerseys and football jerseys and make sure you’re part of the pack before the next game is on! 

And where does the word ‘Jersey’ come from?

The interesting thing about the word ‘Jersey’ is that its root has nothing to do with a fabric or a garment! Jersey is a small island in the Channel Islands (located between England and France). Jersey island was known for its knitting trade in the medieval times. The name persists and is used to refer to various forms of knit fabric. 

What’s the deal with Sports Jerseys?

Well, if there were no jerseys around, we would have hardly known that it was Kobe with his 24 on the back who scored that 3-pointer! Team members have to wear jerseys with their names, team numbers and of course their honor and pride – the team’s logo on it for identification. 

So if it weren’t for team jerseys, there would have hardly been a team in the first place! Sports jerseys with the team’s symbols and colors stir quite a loyalty in both the players as well as the supporters. Go ahead then, get those Sport Jerseys from our exclusive collection and be ready to cheer the loudest in the park, court or field. 
Joy to the Jerseys!