Madrid Tennis Open – The blue clay courts


The Madrid Tennis open is currently underway and has given some unexpected surprises to the tennis world. After many negotiations and discussions with the ATP and WTA, the Mutua Madrid Open is being played upon blue clay courts for the very first time!

The idea was playing around in the minds of the owners since quite some time and they finally got the approval from tennis’s highest authorities. The gist was to introduce something new and fresh. The blue color contrasts nicely with the yellow tennis ball, enabling viewers, both on and off court, to be able to see the ball much more clearly. Manuel Santana, the Open’s current director, has assured that apart from the color, the surface has the same properties as the traditional red clay courts. The only problem that has been occurring with the blue clay courts is that they are said to be a little slippery than normal, which the tournament officials say will be resolved soon.

This new development brought out varied reactions from the tennis world. While some applauded the innovation and encouraged the efforts of the tournament to bring something new to the tennis world and evolve it further, on the other hand,  top-seeded players were not so keen, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, Victoria Azarenka, were not so happy with the change stating it slippery and difficult to gain control of. Djokovic stated that he was disappointed that the ATP did not consider players testing out the court first. What remains to be seen is that how does the open progress further with the mixed reactions. It has been a mild success so far.

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